Sunday, October 13, 2013

How Dare Those Jaguars Be Mean to Peyton Manning!

It wasn't Peyton Manning's fault that the spread against the Jaguars was the biggest in NFL history. Okay, maybe it was kind of his fault; he is spanking defenses at a record setting pace so far this season, but it isn't all his fault. Come Jacksonville--you're not that good.

Peyton is a nice guy though, and he wants everyone to feel like they are playing--even the Jaguars. Hence the interception that was returned for a touchdown!

So how does Jacksonville try to thank him? By hitting him!

Not just once (like you see above) but twice! Don't they realize these older guys are brittle!?!?

Just for that--Peyton is going to have to start spanking that Jaguar behind (which they did 35-19).

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