Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jets QB Geno Smith Proves He Is Still a Rookie With Epic Spike Fail (just a better than average rookie)

The Jets have to be the easiest team in the NFL to make fun of--you gotta love that circus! They have also tend to bring it together at times and play some fantastic football,, and they are doing just that against the New England Patriots. 

However, while they have played well the game has not been without one of those moments. I give you Geno Smith and the Epic Spike Fail:

Here's a better look :

Geno Smith does not have stellar stats on the day, but he is doing what he was drafted to do--make plays. At the same time he is a rookie so we do expect there to be a learning curve and some mistakes. We just don't expect them to be as funny as this one after an 8-yard scramble to give that gave the Jets the lead at the time.

Than again, this is the New York Jets we are talking about.

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