Monday, October 7, 2013

Jets Win! Jets Win! Jets--Wait. What?

This game was not one that too many folks had circled on their calendars as a much watch game. The Jets are still a circus and the Falcons should be able to pass for days on them. This game was not going to be entertaining. It was going to be boring. It was going to--well, suck.

And I am sure glad I watched it.
This game went nothing like it was supposed to. We did see some great play by Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense. There defense wasn't too bad either. What was shocking was the Jets.

At the half Geno Smith was 8-9 for 134 yards and two TDs; he finished the game 16-20 for 199 yards and three TDs. The defense stuffed the Falcons running game holding them to just 64 yards on 22 carries. When they needed to make plays they did.

On offense. On defense. On special teams.

And they won (30-28 on a last second field goal). Maybe these guys don't suck after all.


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