Saturday, October 12, 2013

Johnny Manziel Pulls the Magic Out Again to Lead Texas A&M Over Ole Miss

For awhile it was not looking good for the Aggies. The defense was having a hard time stopping Bo Wallace and the Ole Miss offense in the second half. The A&M offense briefly sputtered giving the Rebels a chance to take the lead in the fourth quarter. With time ticking away it became a game of who had the ball last.

Lucky for the Texas A&M faithful that happened to be Johnny Manziel and the Aggie offense.
The Aggies have appeared at times this season to try and feature other players in the offense in order to show that they are much more than Johnny Manziel--which they are of course. When push comes to shove and the game is on the line you have to put the ball in the hands of your best players.

So Kevin Sumlin did--and Johnny Manziel responded. After Ole Miss took the lead 38-31 Manziel lead the Aggies right back down the field, and tied the game back up with a six-yard run that he capped off with a dive into the end zone.

With a little more than three minutes on the clock the question went from 'can we tie the game up' to 'is there going to be enough time on the clock.' Both offenses were clicking, but with just three minutes left there had to be some concern that there would not be enough time for the Aggies to score should Ole Miss do so.

Talk about the perfect time for the defense to hold Ole Miss to a three and out!

At that point it almost appeared as if the wind was completely out of the Ole Miss sails. The Rebels defense did little to slow Manziel down as he moved the ball into position for a game winning field goal--which Josh Lambo made from 33-yards out.

Texas A&M- 41 Ole Miss- 38 

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