Sunday, October 27, 2013

Justin Tuck Gives Michael Vick a Naughty Little Love Tap

The Philadelphia Eagles are already struggling pretty bad; they don't need any help, but New York Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck decided he would give them a little help. With the play already moving far away from Eagles quarterback Michael Vick he decided to give Vick a little nudge in the back of his leg and knock him down.

From The Big Lead
I didn't get to watch this one so I hope the refs flagged him for this one. Talk about the definition of cheap! If not, hopefully the league will fine when it reviews game footage.

You can't help but wonder if he did so thinking he could bruise an already tender hamstring (was it the left hammy before?) and possibly injure it again. If so--well, that's just dirty.

Vick did end up aggravating his hamstring injury and had to leave the game. It didn't take long for it to become painfully clear that Matt Barkley is a 'not-quite-ready' for prime time player.

So Nick--how's your head?

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