Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Longhorns Wide Receiver Mike Davis Gives Worst Apology Ever

It seems that logic and common sense have finally prevailed in Austin. Wide receiver Mike Davis has now issued an apology for his dirty hit against Iowa State defensive back Deon Broomfield and his actions following the game last Thursday.

This whole mess has shined a pretty bad light on the team; something it doesn't need when it is struggling to overcome injuries and get back to its winning ways. Twitter blew up Thursday night when the play happened and as clips of it went viral. That would have been a great time for him to show a little contrition, but instead he makes no apology and says he plays till the whistle.

Okay, that is how you should play, but he seems to forget that when you are away from the play like he is that it is illegal to do what he did.

Mack Brown could have smoothed the issue over, but instead he says Davis was just competing and what he did was okay.

Ummm...any guess on whether he had seen the play? Probably not because on Monday he finally says the play was wrong.

Than again, the Big 12 had already issued a statement reprimanding Davis so maybe Brown was reacting to them.

At this point Davis could have just done nothing, but no--instead he has to fan the flames even more and say the defensive back was loafing.

Loafing? When the play was over (because the touchdown had already been scored) and everyone else was walking? Come one man!

Someone must have finally gotten through to him because on Tuesday this apology was released:

Next time--if there is a next time--they should just release the statement. Either that or coach Davis up on how to read cue cards so the apology will sound legit.

Or--here's a crazy thought--he could make an apology from the heart that people can believe.

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