Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mark Sanchez Makes His Own Starbucks Drake Hands Video

Now that he has had surgery there is no way  that Mark Sanchez will play this season. You know--because Rex Ryan was going to take out Geno Smith and throw Mark back in as soon as he became healthy enough to play.

So since he is not going to play good ole mark decided he might as  well have some fun now that he has all this time on his hands (pun totally intended there).

So what does the maker of such classics as the 'Butt-Fumble' from last season and 'Look at me dance with butt hanging out while I chillwith two babes' video from earlier in the summer do with his free time?

He makes us a Starbucks Drake Hands video.

Apparently there was some guy that sent a video to a girl whose number he just got at a Starbucks  and there was Drake playing in the background. The guy, Brody Ryan, sent it to Piper Kennedy who then shared it with a couple  of friends. One of those friends posted it to Instagram and an internet star was born.

It is important to note that for his efforts Brody got the date--and Piper is smoking hot.

We all know Mark is kind of awkward with women so maybe he's hoping lightning will strike twice...

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