Sunday, October 6, 2013

Michael Vick Does What He Does Best--Make Plays and Get Hurt

Michael Vick was being Michael Vick. He was making plays, throwing lasers, and darting his way in an out of traffic as he ran downfield. He also did what Michael Vick does when he is being Michael Vick.

He got hurt.
Michael Vick has said that he is going to play how he plays. He recognizes his style is not the best (or safest) for an NFL starting quarterback, but when he does things his way good things tend to happen (see above).

However, the downside to Vick being Vick is the risk of injury--and against the Giants he was injured yet again when he hurt his hamstring late in the second quarter.
Lucky for Eagles fans they had a a guy that could start for most teams backing him up. Nick Foles was able to come in and lead Philly to a 36-21 win over the New York Giants.

After the game Head Coach Chip Kelly made a point to say that Vick will remain the starting quarterback going forward. Whether he starts next week against Tampa Bay will depend on what the MRI tells them on Monday.

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