Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NCAA Finally Hands Down Penalty on University of Miami

For fans and alumni of the Miami Hurricanes it has to seem like the NCAA investigation has been going on forever. Well--the ridiculously long investigation is finally over. The NCAA is expected to officially announce the sanctions it will be placing on the Hurricanes.

And if you want to believe the press they are not half bad.

If the press is to be believed the school is not going to get hit too hard for the whole Nevin Shapiro/illegal benefits fiasco. According to Shapiro he spent a couple million on as many as 76 players, primarily from the football team but the basketball team as well, from 2002-10.
So now after a 2 1/2 year investigation the school is going to be hit with a loss of nine scholarships (three a year for the next three years) for the football team and a five-game suspension for basketball coach Frank Haith.

Former assistant Jorge Fernandez will also be hit with a two-year show-cause penalty.

That's it.

Should this be true it sounds like the team is going to have another reason to celebrate after it handles Wake Forest on Saturday.

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