Sunday, October 20, 2013

New England Patriots Defensive Back Logan Ryan Likes to Touch Himself

Bill Belichick will probably had something to say to his cornerback, Logan Ryan, after this interception return for a touchdown. He probably started by saying great play (because it was), but than he will quickly follow it up with something like "I didn't put up with Randy Marshall--one of the greatest wide receivers in the game--doing stupid stuff like that. What makes you think I want you acting like a childish little fool?"

Or something like that.

Overall I imagine the New England Patriots are pretty happy. Not only do they have their superstar, Rob Gronkowski back, but they are getting a chance to put a division foe in their place--the New York Jets. There is little the Patriots like to do more than remind their division rivals who the best team in the AFC East is.

Minus the crotch grabbing.

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