Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Orleans Pelicans Mascot is Kind of Freaky (and just a little scary)

When the announcement was made that the New Orleans Hornets were going to be renamed the Pelicans--which happens to be the state bird (Brown Pelican to be exact)--the new name largely drew one reaction--WTF?

When you think of a team mascot you think of things that will inspire people or put fear into the hearts of the enemy(I know it doesn't always happen that way but work with me here).

You want something that will exude confidence, swagger, and coolness; something that kids will love to see and adults will love to wear on their new apparel. 

But a Pelican? Ummm...okay....

However, when the team unveiled the mascot--Pierre the Pelican--it showed that pelicans can indeed by scary freaking creatures!

At first glance I'm thinking it must be the inbred cousin of the San Diego Chicken or maybe the San Diego Chicken after being hit by gamma rays (like the Incredible Hulk).

Whatever it is I will admit it--that sucker scares me. Put a knife in its hand and you have a horror movie waiting to happen.

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