Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nick Saban Asked Former Longhorn Ricky Williams to Join His Staff

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams is a unique personality. To say he dances to the beat of his own drum would be an understatement. The picture of his superhero sheets on his bed at the University of the Incarnate Word is proof of that.

But to have the issues that he did and still be as good as he was? The man knows a thing or two about football. That's why Incarnate Word was willing to hire him as a coach-- and Alabama's Nick Saban said he would too.

Williams played for Saban when both were with the Miami Dolphins and got some first hand knowledge of what the man is like. Recently he said that if he could Saban is the one coach he would love to be like:
“He’s willing to be whatever is required in a certain situation. That’s what I liked about him. That he was different.”
Should it ever happen the two would be somewhat of an odd couple. Besides a wealth of knowledge about football these guys could not be more polar opposites. That would not stop Saban from hiring him. In fact, when Williams asked Saban for a letter of recommendation (for the Incarnate Word job) Saban invited him to join his staff.
“He was a great competitor, very smart guy,” Saban said. “He’s very bright, so I think he’d be a really good coach and certainly when he gets experience, having him on our staff someday is something that we would consider.”
The Odd Couple was a great television show; maybe it could make for a great college coaching staff as well...

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