Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Notre Dame's Cam McDaniel is the Most Ridiculously Photogenic Player in College Football

Remember Cam McDaniel? He was the running back for the Fighting Irish that was rejected by the gauntlet machine at practice in rather hilarious fashion. The machine is meant to simulate running through traffic, but much like driving on a highway the traffic only goes one way. He took his new found infamy like a champ and laughed it off, but you know he had to be hoping for a chance to become known for something else.

Thanks to a run he had against USC Saturday--and a picture taken during the run--that chance has arrived.

No, that is not a photo from an advertising campaign. It wasn't posed. It is not fake. It happened during the game in real time.

Say hi to the most ridiculously photogenic guy in college football.

If I didn't know better I would think this is a photo for a fashion line or an ad for Notre Dame Athletics, but it was taken after he had his helmet knocked off and kept chugging against the Trojans defense.

Gauntlet? What gauntlet?

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