Monday, October 7, 2013

Rapper Slim Thug Wants Johnny Manziel to Come to the Houston Texans

It's been a rough season for the Houston Texans so far; especially when the ball is in the hands of quarterback Matt Schaub. For four games in a row the man has had a ball intercepted and returned for a touchdown. What was supposed to be a Super Bowl season is not looking too good.

Fans need someone else. They need someone dynamic; that can make plays; who will at least try to tackle anyone who intercepts one of his balls. They need Johnny Manziel--and rapper Slim Thug wants to help bring him home to Houston.

Sometime during Sunday night's debacle Slim Thug sent out the following tweet:

Unlike wooing free agent Dwight Howard to come to the Houston, it is not the same for a college football player (stupid draft process). That didn't stop Slim Thug from campaigning for another of Texas's favorite sons to get a shot.

Case didn't get his chance Sunday night. T.J. Yates did instead. He didn't do anything with the ball so you have to wonder if Schaub struggles again if Keenum will get a shot instead.

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