Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Robert Griffin III Getting Tired of the Critics?

The Washington Redskins never thought that they would be in this position; 1-4, allowing more points than they've scored, and not looking too good. In the second year of the RG3 Era it was supposed to be all touchdowns and celebrations--but it has been anything but.

So the critics have been doing what they do, and while he is usually cool and collected off the field much like he is on it you have to wonder if the talk is getting to him.

During a post game interview this is what the popular signal caller had to say:
“Yeah, you know, I’m just really focusing on being the playmaker that I know I can be and not letting anybody else tell me how to play this game...You know, I got here for a reason, and I’ve got to make sure I use all of my abilities to their maximum. And running the ball is one of those, when I do get the opportunity."
Not going to let anyone else tell me how to play this game. Strong words there.

What people may be losing sight of is he is really playing as well now as he did last season at this time. Through the first five games last season he had four touchdowns; this year he has six. Last season he averaged 200 yards a game; so far this season he's averaging 289. He has had a few more picks and hasn't run as much, but coming back from surgery that should be expected.

His play is not much different than it was last season so perhaps the problem is not him, but the lack of playmakers around him (i.e. Alfred Morris who had close to 500 yards through the first five games last season).


  1. (i.e. Robert Morris who had close to 500 yards through the first five games last season).

    Don't know this guy but Alfred Morris had 491 yards rushing through the first five games last year.

    1. Thanks dude. I should have known better than to multitask and post an article and feed the kids lunch at the same time! I'll be sure to fix this when I get home.