Sunday, October 20, 2013

Robert Mathis With the Safety For the Colts!

For the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Denver Broncos they were going to have to make some plays and better yet--make Peyton Manning screw up. Robert Mathis sure helped him do just that when he sacked Manning right near the goal line.

From Bleacher Report
Manning fumbled the ball, but since Mathis was not able to get control of it before going out of bounds it was called a safety rather than an interception. When you play the Broncos though every point counts, and since it took the ball out of Peyton's hands it served another purpose as well. 

The play holds special significance for Mathis beyond hitting his former teammate. The fumble caused via the sack was No. 39 1/2 in his career putting him in a tie for the career best mark.

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