Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seattle's Golden Tate With the Mid Air Celebratory Pose--for Absolutely Nothing

The Seattle Seahawks are looking sharp early on in Thursday night's game against the Arizona Cardinals. So sharp in fact that when Golden Tate thought he was scoring a nice, long touchdown to put the team up 21-0 he thought he'd give the cameras a little something special.

If only that pesky penalty on one of his teammates hadn't made it all for nothing...

When I saw the flag I thought the penalty might have been on Tate. With the way the refs were said to be clamping down on celebrations I would not have been surprised if he was called for this. As ridiculously picky as the refs were earlier this season about what was deemed "taunting" this could have fit since his pose was facing the defender.

I'm glad he wasn't called for it. The focus on celebrations is pretty stupid; talk about harmless fun. Come to think of it--the refs seem to be a lot more relaxed about it than they were in the preseason. Did the league decide this was not something they needed to focus on and I missed the memo?

Whatever the state of celebrations in the NFL is this was a unique one that was all for nothing.

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