Sunday, October 20, 2013

St. Louis Rams Lose Sam Bradford to a Torn ACL; Tebow Time? Vince Young?

The St. Louis Rams are a good team with a lot of young talent. Given enough time to work with Jeff Fisher and his staff these guys could gel and make some noise--that is, unless someone vital to the team's success gets hurt.

Someone like quarterback Sam Bradford.

From Bleacher Report
Late in the game against the Carolina Panthers Sunday Bradford got hit borderline late by Panthers safety Mike Mitchell. It appears as if Mitchell might have tugged on the back of Bradford's jersey causing him to go down kind of funny. 

When he hits the ground you can see him grab his knee and start rolling around in pain immediately.

So for now the team will be handed over to Kellen Clemens. It will be hard to imagine the Rams not bringing in some other guys this week; Clemens isn't exactly going to light it up. 

Rumor has it that the team is talking about Tim Tebow. Since the rumor started to fly the word is it has been talked about, but unlikely to happen.

Could there be a Vince Young/Jeff Fisher reunion?

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