Sunday, October 6, 2013

Texas Give Up On Garrett Gilbert Too Soon?

The  majority of Texas Longhorns fans would probably say no to this question, but I would be willing to bet that a percentage of them are probably thinking yes.

Yes, we gave up on Garrett Gilbert too soon.


Gilbert was thrust upon the Longhorns Nation during his freshman season when he entered the BCS National title game in relief of an injured Colt McCoy. While he was not able to lead Texas to victory over Alabama, the general perception was that he did not do half bad considering the situation he was thrown in to.

But after a disappointing 2010 season that saw the Longhorns finish with their first losing record since 1997 (5-7) the job was put up for grabs marking the beginning of the end for Gilbert in Austin.

Fast forward to the 2013 season and we find Gilbert averaging 353 yards a game. Saturday against Rutgers he threw for 484 yards and five touchdowns in a performance highlighted by this two--point conversion:

While back in Austin Case McCoy and David Ash  are averaging just 263 yards a game and their head coach is on the verge of losing his job because the team has slipped into mediocrity.

Could the Longhorns be doing better with Gilbert? I don't know, but with the way he's passing the ball they would definitely be more exciting.


  1. I've always believed all of UT's present day problems date back to Chris Simms. He was a promising QB that never really lived up to his natural abilities and 4 star ranking. Fast Forward to a similarly statured Garrett Gilbert and the struggles of a 5-7 season after losing the BCS Championship. I felt like Mack Brown did not want to re-live the disappointments from investing the program on another potentially underachieving QB. He was benched, had shoulder surgery, requested a transfer and was never back in the program. The "knee jerk" reactions to the 5-7 season (Gilbert included plus changes in coaching staff and offensive philosophies) have haunted the program ever since. I think the real factor of the 5-7 season was a complete "hangover" from losing the BCS Championship to an obviously inferior Alabama (that year at least - not every year after). The changes implemented since that season and complete reversal of everything that brought the program back to the national stage have plaqued UT ever since.

    1. Well said and a good point. If memory serves didn't Simms take over for Major Applewhite too? I can remember wondering why they made the switch; Applewhite was playing fine but there was this mystique around playing Phil Simms's kid.