Thursday, October 3, 2013

Texas Longhorns Mike Davis Just Became the Most Despised Player in College Football

Mike Davis is an incredible talent; a definite bright spot on a Texas team that  is lacking. He will be drafted in one of the higher rounds this year, but until then and until someone else does something dirty he will be one of the most despised players in college football.

Why? Because of this:

From Yahoo! Sports

The game of football is a tough one when played right, but when it is done wrong like this punishment needs to be swift and harsh. He could have seriously hurt this guy with this hit! To put this cheap shot into perspective:

  • the touchdown had already been scored
  • the play was away from them so there was no reason to hit the defender anyway
  • Deon Broomfield (the Iowa State defender) wasn't trying to move towards the play; he was walking
  • did I mention the touchdown was scored already and the play was over?

This was clearly a blatant attempt to injure another player. There is no way that Davis could try and say he slipped or it was an accident. He tried to hurt another player on purpose.

It's the kind of deliberate act that would be cause for a fine and a suspension in the NFL. Hopefully the Big 12 will do the right thing and suspend Davis. If the conference doesn't Mack Brown better. Yeah, doing so will make the job of winning a lot harder, but it is the right thing to do.

Twitter hasn't started to react too strongly yet. If anything it is probably because most football fans are watching a surprisingly good Bills/Browns game. When folks here about it though Davis better brace himself for a barrage of criticism to come his way.

But here are some of the better tweets:


  1. Mike Davis is NOT an incredible talent! In 2013 he caught 49 passes but he dropped 826! I got those numbers from quarterbacks that have thrown to

    1. Maybe they should have stopped throwing to him after the first couple hundred drops. I'm just saying...