Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Dallas Cowboys/Denver Broncos Shoot-Out in all its GIF-Tastic Glory

The NFL Network will be showing the Dallas/Denver game from Sunday on NFL Rewind, a program that highlights the best games of the last week of action--which this game definitely was. Between the two offenses 99 freaking points were scored! It was the fourth highest scoring game in the history of the game.

So you can watch it--or enjoy the game in all its GIF-tastic glory right here!

I watched this sucker and while it would seem that the defensive play must have been horrible I'd give a lot of credit to Tony Romo and Peyton Manning putting on one heck of show--right down to the game turning interception at the end.

Tony Romo did have a career day leading up that pick with over 500 yards of passing making some tremendous plays in the process.

This could have been one of them if Dez Bryant had held onto the ball. Instead it sparked the Broncos offense and got them back into the game after Romo had the team out to an early lead.

You know your coach has confidence in you when he claps following a TD by the other team.

No wonder--his running  back is doing stuff like this.

This was certainly a game for fantasy players. Passes and catches like this one had  to make fantasy GMs happy.

Can Romo get anymore time here?

I'd add another big Romo play here but the darn thing just will not load. Good play though; give it a look.It certainly made Jerry Jones happy.

Ole Jerry  got pumped up a lot during this game.

Only to be let down in the end.

The highlight reel was not all Cowboys. That Peyton Manning guy was pretty good.

Not just pretty good.

No the man was on target!

It's not what made Tony Romo's wife so happy though.

That look was obviously before her hubby through the pick at the end.

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