Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Many Faces of the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox from Game 6 [GIF]

Game 6 of the World Series brought a  lot of emotion out of the Boston Red Sox. A win would allow them to do something that the city has not done in close to a century-- clinch a World Series championship at home in Fenway Park.

So with so much on the line Wednesday night the emotions are pretty intense--especially after they won!

The obligatory champagne shower is always a sight to behold.

I don't think anyone expressed joy quite as well as Koji Uehara.

These guys have done all sorts of things to show a little affection this season. I'm surprised there wasn't any beard pulling tonight, but we did have a head butting and of course some high-fives.

The World Series MVP, David Ortiz, had no trouble hitting Cardinals pitching or picking up the banner and waving it for all to see.

Sometimes it was good that a microphone was not near by.

Throughout the series and Game 6 confidence was never an issue.

To fully appreciate the beauty of Koji's jump you have to see it in slow motion.

Beat that chest Shane!

Who could forget the celebrating security guard?!?

[GIFs from @SBNationGif and @cjzero]

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