Monday, October 14, 2013

The Matt Schaub Hate Continues in Houston

Many of the players on the Houston Texans have spoken out in support of their quarterback and condemned the fans that cheered when he was injured Sunday. While their disapproval and pleas to keep supporting Matt Schaub will cause some fans to give the man a break others--well, others don't care what the players are saying.

Yes, that is a dummy of Houston QB Matt Schaub slammed in the trunk of someone's car.

This is just the latest way fans have expressed their feelings about Schaub. A video of his jersey burning has gone viral, he's had fans visit his home, and when he was hurt people cheered. So yeah--folks could do a lot worse than close a dummy in their trunks.

Not that I'm trying to say folks need to get more creative or something; seriously--I'm not. Really, just leave the man alone.

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