Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Do Halloween Right [AWESOME PICS]

Halloween is an awesome time of year full of all sorts of great things. As a kid it was all about the candy, but as an adult--well, its still about the candy (so stay away from my house kiddies). However as an adult there are other things that make it great like Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer, parties, and babes in Halloween costumes.

It doesn't matter what, because women can pretty much turn any costume into something sexy. Since its football season we get to see cheerleaders across the NFL dress up in costume--like the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders!


Since Christmas is just around the corner and the ladies have some other great shots on their Twitter account here are a few bonus non-Halloween shots:

[All pics from @TitansCheer/Twitter]

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