Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tim Tebow to Tryout for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Well, Sports Fans, the rumor is out there--the Jacksonville Jaguars are so desperate to sell ticket that they are going to give Tim Tebow a tryout.


The most famous back-up quarterback in recent history has bee unemployed since the season started, but according to TerezOwens that will not be for much longer. A source is telling Terez that the Jaguars are going to give Tebow a tryout.

I suppose after getting an ear full from MADD about their free drinks special last week the team has opted to go with a less dangerous way to drive ticket sales. Adding Tebow to the roster will certainly do that.

Should this happen it will be interesting to see what happens to the line for the Denver game. Last I heard it was around 26-28 points, a record for an NFL game.

Will Vegas see Tebow as an improvement over Gabbert? Will the Tebow Magic that he was known for in Denver shave a few points off? Will we see the first 30+ point spread in NFL history?

Only time will tell...

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  1. Having Tim on the roster will be a good thing but it won't make us lose sight of that 43 million dollar score board deal. We will malign anyone involved in the misuse of tax dollars and/or malfeasance of office as applicable to Florida State Statutes. Get ready Mayor and City Council Mmebers, this is gonna turn ugly fast.