Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time for Favre Watch 2013?

When Sam Bradford went down for the season after getting hit by one of the Carolina Panthers while he was going out of bounds Rams fans saw there season go from 'challenging yet promising' to 'as long as we can at least beat the Jaguars.'

Sorry Kellen Clemens, but you are not going to be able to lead this team to victory week in and week out. The Rams need a real leader on the field; perhaps even one of the best to ever play the game....

It's being reported that the Rams reached out to Brett Favre to see if the 44-year old was interested in giving it another go. 

Go ahead and laugh. 

I would not have been shocked if Favre had said sure, but it appears that he is actually done this time.

That's kind of a shame. I don't want to see the old man get broken in half by some young linebacker that was not even born when Favre started playing in the NFL, but it would have been cool to see Favre give it another shot. After the horrible way that he went out during his last season in Minnesota you have to think he would not mind having a better exit.

It probably is better that he doesn't come back though. It's bad enough that Jeff Garcia was reaching out to the Browns, but had the Rams signed Favre--well, I can only imagine how angry Donovan McNabb would be.

Than again, it might be kind of funny to hear him complain!

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