Monday, October 7, 2013

Tony Dungy Has No Interest in the USC Job

A school like USC can't hire just anyone. As high profile as they are they need to find a coach that is also high profile. Of course when you do that--unless his name is Lane Kiffin--that typically means he is going to be pretty darn good. So it makes sense that they reach out to Tony Dungy to see if he's interested.

Can you get more high profile than a former Super Bowl champion?

I would say no, and that is also why Tony Dungy would never take the job. Why go back down to the college level when you have already reached the top of the profession and won a Super Bowl?

As could be expected, Dungy is not interested.
"I coached for 28 years and loved it and had the best job in football working for Jim Irsay and coaching Peyton Manning, and there was a time when it was just done and over with. So now I'm on to other things and first of all, I don't know anything about college football other than seeing it through my son's eyes and being there as a fan and a dad. College football is so different than the NFL."
"And that's what I think USC needs to do. They need to get a great college coach."
Besides the obvious step backwards, Dungy has the kind of job guys dream of having right now. He gets to hang out and talk football as part of the Sunday Night Football team. If he is right--great. If he is wrong--great. People just like to hear what he has to say.

And as long as folks want to see him there he has no reason to look anywhere for a job.

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