Friday, October 11, 2013

University of Texas Officials Paranoid About Texas A&M's Success

The last couple of years have been great ones for Texas A&M; a top five finish, Heisman trophy winner, soon to be upgraded stadium, one of the top recruiting classes in the country--and that's just the football team.

The Longhorns on the other hand--not so much.

The general perception was that the Aggies would struggle when they moved to the SEC, but instead Texas A&M has thrived. Revenue is up, donations are up, enrollment is up-- it's good to be an Aggie. After another successful season this year (top 10 or better?; another Heisman?) and additions to Kyle Field before next season everything is going to continue to increase.

Texas, on the other hand, has struggled. Officials at the school know it and apparently someone has expressed as much to the media; that and the fact that Texas A&M's success has them paranoid.

According to the Dallas Morning News:
“What they are concerned about is not just a football season or a football team,” the source said. “What they’re concerned about is that we’re going to lose this kind-of war to A&M. They are really paranoid about A&M.
“And not just in sports, by the way.”
I'm sure it is only a matter of time before Texas officials release some kind of statement refuting what the source (whoever it is) said, but no matter how much they try to deny it the damage has already been done.

To think--some folks actually thought the rivalry would end just because the football game did. I think this is evidence that is far from the case.

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