Thursday, October 17, 2013

Want to Buy Stock in Houston Texans Running Back Arian Foster (you can)?

Arian Foster has always been an outside the box kind of thinker. He has never been afraid to do something different and break away from the norm--and now it appears that kind of thinking is going to make him and possibly you a little bit of money.

How? Because you can buy stock in him.

In exchange for $10 million FanTex Brockerage Services has retained the rights to 20 percent of anything Foster makes on or off the field. Stuff like his base salary, bonuses, endorsements, acting gigs--whatever he does that makes money.

To get a piece of the action it will cost you $10 for a share (at the initial offering). The market will quickly set the price after that. The notion is not entirely new. It is not unusual for athletes to receive financial backing, but more as an investment in the athlete--not to sell off stock in a person.

At first I thought this sounded extremely cool. Foster is one of the top running backs in the league and makes a pretty hefty salary. As for other earnings--as long as he keeps running well the potential is limitless. However, the life and value of an NFL running back can drop pretty fast. A bad season, an injury or two, and his production drops.

When that drops so will the value of his stock.

I picture this  as being a lot like the stock offerings the Green Bay Packers have. You pay a good chunk of change for a piece of paper that says you are a part owner of the team, but you have no say in anything that goes on and don't see a penny in return (in Foster's  case just a little).

But it is really cool to own.

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