Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's Up With Bears Kicker Robbie Gould and Devin Hester?

Football is an intense and passionate game--if you play it right. If you are into the game and focused on what you are doing (like trying to win) it can be pretty easy to set someone else off or get set off yourself. 

Apparently at some point in the first half that happened between Bears kicker Robbie Gould and kick returner/wide receiver Devin Hester.
I've never understand why guys fight or even act like they might on the field or the sideline. It just hurts your team by getting it penalized or by disturbing the focus. Guys don't need to be concerned about breaking teammates apart. They kind of have a game to play.

If any two players should be cool at all times I'd think it would be the kicker and the kick returner. Gould doesn't kick to Hester, but there are not too many guys that are real specialist like they are.

Plus the thought of a kicker fighting is just down right silly--although from what I read on Twitter most folks think Gould could take Hester.


  1. It's called curiosity. Ever hear of it?

  2. why can`t we learn to get along.

  3. Boys will be Boys!!! They never grow up, no matter how old they get.