Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why So Angry Dez Bryant?

During the Dallas Cowboys/Detroit Lions game a gem of a little scene was caught on camera. Apparently displeased that he was not getting the targets that he wanted (at the time he only had two catches for 22-yards and a TD; and it was a heck of a TD). This mad Dex mad and he let everyone know it.

Of course the blog-o-sphere is assuming that it was about catches and on the next possession the got a little something to bolster their argument when Tony Romo sent this bullet to Dez for a nice 50-yard touchdown.

From Bleacher Report
This is something that just about anyone and everyone with a webpage that cares about sports has picked up so it will be interesting to see what Byrant has to say about it--or if anyone else is getting images of Terrell Owens dancing in their heads (besides me).

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