Thursday, October 24, 2013

World Series in Danger of Becoming a Comedy of Errors?

The St. Louis Cardinals did exactly what they needed to do in Game Two of the World Series--they came away with a win, but they didn't really do it all on their own. They did get the kind of performances they needed from stars like pitchers Michael Wacha and reliever Carlos Martinez, but the Cardinals should thanks the Red Sox for this one. 

In the seventh inning a pair of overthrows helped the Cardinals get ahead and create a little room. Without those errors the team does not score three runs, they do not pull ahead, and they do not win the game (obviously).

I don't bring this up to take away from how the Cardinals played. You just don't expect to see these kinds of errors in the World Series. 

So far we have seven total errors in just two games. The average is 11 for the entire series (yeah, I was kind of surprised at that too) so they still have some wiggle room.

Just not much.

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