Saturday, November 16, 2013

And the Most Popular College Football Team in the State of Texas is...

Winning games earns a team things like conference championships--maybe even a national one if your lucky--and all sorts of individual accolades. If a team plays its cards right it will make a lot of money along the way. However, no matter how many wins and awards a program gets or revenue it generates that does mean it is going to get what matter most--the love of the fans.

A recent poll has discovered which college football team in Texas does get the most love from the fan. Any guess as to which?

If you assumed the Texas Longhorns because you know those guys rake in the revenue and are usually pretty popular you would be wrong. If you assumed it was the Texas A&M Aggies because of the resurgence of the program since it entered the SEC, one of the best coaches in the game, and Johnny Manziel--well, you would be right.

Public Policy Polling recently completed a survey where they asked people which college football team in Texas they identified with. The Aggies took over the lead from the Longhorns with 22 percent of the vote while Texas came in second with 20.

This is a pretty big reversal from when the survey was last taken. In 2011 Texas was an overwhelming favorite with 23 percent of the vote against just 15 for Texas A&M.

Here is the rest of the list: Houston 10 percent; Baylor 8 percent; Texas Tech 5 percent; TCU 4 percent; UTEP 3 percent; SMU 2 percent.


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