Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Andrew Wiggins May be One and Done--But at Least it Will be a Very Good One!

The one and done thing has to be frustrating as can be for college basketball fans and coaches. You want to go after the best recruits in the land, but if you actually get them you are in constant rebuilding mode since they are leaving after just one season.

But if you don't go after one and done type players like Andrew Wiggins than you don't get to see performances like the one he had last night in a 94-83 win for Kansas over Duke.
Wiggins had 22 points, eight rebounds, and one block in 25 minutes to help the No. 4 Jayhawks beat the No. 5 Blue Devils. 

The talented youngster had a number of stellar shots, but his two best came right when his team needed them the most. I'm talking about a step back jumper that put Kansas up 85-81 followed up by the dunk below that gave them a nice 6-point lead with right around a minute left.
Yeah, it was still enough time for Duke to come back, but it ended up being the nail in the coffin.

The next big challenge for Wiggins and the Jayhawks will come December 10 when they travel to take on the No. 11 Florida Gators.

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