Sunday, November 24, 2013

Andy Reid Tells Phillip Rivers to Back That *ss Up! (with his own *ss)

After losing to the Denver Broncos last week Andy Reid needed to get his team back on track, but the tough San Diego Chargers were not going to make it easy on for them. If they get hot they could still make a run at the second AFC wild card spot (since one will go to Denver or Kansas City).

So it is understandable that Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers wants to know what the referee conference is all about--but Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid says no way!

I hope he gets asked about this, because it is pretty clear that he did it on purpose. Please don't try to say you were just trying to talk to the refs Andy--we can see that behind stick out and bump Rivers back! 

Rivers played it up like it was a lot more forceful than it was, but maybe that's because he thought Reid was going to twerk for him. Oh--wait...


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