Monday, November 18, 2013

Aqib Talib Gets Feisty After Getting Torched by Steve Smith

Here's a great idea for a reality show--lets take some of the most volatile wide receivers and defensive backs and either put them on competing tribes (Survivor style), in a house with nothing to do (aka Big Brother) or paired up with their worst enemy on a race (Challenge: Rivals meets the Amazing Race). Tell me that would not be reality television gold!

Two guys that will have to appear on the show--New England Patriots defensive back Aqib Talib and Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith.

The sparks started to fly between these two lovebirds early during Monday Night Football.

What the heck was Talib thinking? Ummm..."if I hold on for awhile after the play is over it will really annoy Smith and I can get in his head."

Umm--no! Smith actually showed some surprising restraint when Talib tried to mess with him again down by the goal line.

After what he did early I'm a little surprised that Talib wasn't tossed. You could argue that he didn't do anything that bad, but he did something again and with the knowledge that a ref was about 20 feet away looking directly at him.


What started it all? Besides being a naturally ornery person it has to be getting torched on this deep ball. I guess Talib forgot for a moment that it was only about midway through the first quarter--there's a lot of football left to play man, but only if you stay in the game.

[GIFs from Bleacher Report]

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