Sunday, November 10, 2013

Arian Foster Possibly--Scratch That-- is Done for the Season [UPDATE]

[Nov. 8; 3:40 PM ET] Fantasy owners of the Houston Texan running back are not too happy right about now. If they don't have another running back to play instead of Arian Foster they are combing the waiver wire hoping and praying that someone becomes available.

Oh, and they may need whoever it is for the long haul because there is a chance that Arian Foster is going to be done for the season.

Foster had to leave early in the game last Sunday due to back trouble and now there is word that the undrafted free agent and scout team player turned superstar could need season ending surgery.

According to the Houston Chronicle Foster has seen two or three specialists about his back. Interim Head Coach Wade Phillips did not shed much light on the situation when he talked to the media.

“He’s had two or three opinions,” Phillips said. “They haven’t told me anything about it. Still evaluating is what they’ve told me.”

The article goes on to speculate that Foster may need season ending back surgery.

So what does this mean to fans?

  • Phillips is full of BS; the team probably got the test results before Foster did. He knows something; he just isn't sharing.
  • Case Keenum just became very, very important. With Ben Tate nursing some cracked ribs the Texans are going to have to live and die by the pass.
  • Drafting him in the first round was a huge mistake for fantasy owners
  • If you bought some of that Arian Foster stock--sell now.

All kidding aside--I hope you're alright man. As a fat guy my back hurts all the time so I understand how much that sucks, and all I have are a pair of toddlers trying to jump on me--not some overgrown defensive lineman/monsters like you Mr. Foster.

[UPDATE: Nov. 10, 12:25 PM ET] is now reporting that Arian Foster is indeed done for the season:

Well that sucks.

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