Monday, November 4, 2013

Bears Fan Tells Aaron Rodgers How He Feels About Him (it's not very nice)

The worst thing that could possibly happen to the Green Bay Packers has happened--Aaron Rodgers has been hurt. I am not sure if he is walking off or on the field here, but the Chicago Bears fan in the front row decided it was a good time to tell Rodgers what he thought of him. 

From the look of things it's a good thing that there aren't any kids sitting next to him. Telling someone to 'F' off is not very nice, but at least he told Rodgers he was No. 1.
He's lucky he's not talking that kind of trash at a Jets, Eagles, or Raiders game. The fool would be a crime statistic within the hour! So kudos to the Packers fans for showing folks how to act in public--and shame on you foul mouthed Bears Fan.

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