Sunday, November 17, 2013

Brandon Flowers to Wes Welker: You Just Got Knocked the F*ck Out!

Football it a tough game full of hard hits; some legal and some not. Now I didn't see this one happen during the game so I have no idea if it was legal or not (although it looks like Welker might be slowing up because the play is away), but one thing is for sure.

I think Welker is going to know where Brandon Flowers is for the rest of the night!

From Bleacher Report


  1. flowers first hand was on welkers back. clipping.

  2. If he's on his back than how did he knock welker on his back?

  3. Wow, what a shot, hitting a guy while he ain't looking, Flowers is a big man isn't he, well he can take his cheap shot and shove it up his gay bunghole and chalk up another loss to the Bronco's. That'll make his fudge pie taste better.

  4. Hey flower puff, see ya in two weeks to hand you your second loss, and oh ya I guess there are sore losers out there in the NFL that needs to take their frustration out by hitting when there not looking, or maybe your just pissed that your old lady keeps calling his name Wes, Wes, ohhhh Wes yesssssss. That would piss me off to. Make it a great day.

    1. I'm pretty certain that was early in the game when things were far from decided so don't think the whole sore loser thing works.