Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffrey Was Robbed!

I might be a little biased since I have Alshon Jeffrey on my fantasy team. I do like the Bears more than the Lions, but in the end I like good football better; the kind where the referees don't impact the outcome of the game.

Okay, so my outrage is mostly over fantasy stats--but this sure looks like a catch to me.

From Bleacher Report
It was ruled as one on the field and the Bears were awarded a touchdown, but like all other scoring plays this one was reviewed--and the call reversed.

The call was that it moved a little before he slid out of bounds so he didn't have control.

From Bleacher Report
That's just crap.

I think this is a case where the NFL wants to have too much say in the outcome of a game so it created this rule that if the ball appears to move at all than the receiver does not have it under control and it is not a catch.


That's a catch. It's in his hands; its trapped against his body; there is no way it is going to hit the ground. So what if it moved a little. The only way this kind of call could be made is if the referee was standing right over Jeffrey as he fell (but that would be kind of hard since he'd have these NFL players bearing down on him) or by the use of modern technology.

I'm sure some would say its good we have the technology to make the right call here, but I say let them play (plus I needed the fantasy points).

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