Thursday, November 14, 2013

Colts Linebacker Erik Walden Commits the Stupidest Penalty of the Season

Football is a game of intensity and passion; at least among the good teams and players it is. It becomes a problem though when said intensity and passion overcomes common sense and a player does something extremely stupid-- like Indianapolis Colts linebacker Erik Walden did during Thursday Night Football.

From Bleacher Report
Ripping the helmet off is bad enough. That alone will get you a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. The timing couldn't be worse since the Colts had been hit with other 15-yard penalties the previous couple of plays.

What makes it the stupidest penalty of the season is what he did after tearing Delanie Walker's helmet off--the fool headbutted him!

From Bleacher Report
I get it. You are mad. You have some fool in your face talking smack. It's only natural that you want to retaliate.

What he should have done was go back to the huddle and tell the guys that next time Walker gets the ball just slow him down until I can come over and lay his behind out.

Get them back on the field during play legally Erik--next time. This time you better be prepared to write the NFL a check after this sucker gets reviewed.

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