Sunday, November 10, 2013

Darren Sproles Proves Speed Does Kills and Wheels Do Win

Back during my rugby playing days I was brave/stupid enough to play in a sevens tournament in the middle of August. If you are not sure what that means--I was a fat guy (but in shape--sort of) looking to play a game populated by really fast dudes, and it was hot as heck out. Not smart (but it was fun).

Since it was a game that featured fast, skinny dudes all day long I heard phrases like "wheels win" and "speed kills" and on that day it did--except when I was able to put a hit on someone. That slowed them down!

From Bleacher Report
The point to my long, drawn out story was this--speed does kill and wheels do win. Just look at the kind of day Darren Sproles had against the Dallas Cowboys.

From Bleacher Report

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