Sunday, November 24, 2013

Denver Broncos Lose to New England in Worst Way Possible

When two teams play in a game there is bound to be one loser and one winner. It's the nature of the beast. The hope is that when two teams meet they will play their best game, and the winner will be the one that is truly better. The last thing you want is for the game to be decided because a player makes a stupid mistake.

Like the one Denver's Tony Carter made Sunday night against the Patriots:
It was the kind of game you hope for when two titans of the gridiron-- like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady--meet. We had some tremendous offense from both teams; some great defense; a heck of a comeback by Brady and the Patriots to take the lead and another by Manning and the Broncos to send it to overtime.

And it ends because someone doesn't get out of the way after Wes Welker told everyone to get out of the way by calling "poison!"
A couple plays after the Patriots recovered the kick that bounced off a player that never should have been there--yes, you Tony Carter--they kicked a 31-yard field goal to win the game.

Great game; crappy ending--but sometimes that is just how the ball bounces.

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