Sunday, November 3, 2013

Did Auburn Linebacker Anthony Swain Fake an Injury? It Looks Pretty Bad...

There is no love lost between the head coaches of the Auburn Tigers (Gus Malzahn) and the Arkansas Razorbacks (Bret Bielema), and after Saturday's game there will be even less.

Auburn had pretty much controlled the game, but late in the third the Razorbacks appeared to be making a attempt at a comeback. After finally scoring a touchdown to close the gap to 28-10 with about six minutes left in the third the defense got the ball back, and Arkansas started driving again.

With momentum clearly shifting in favor of the Razorbacks it appeared as if one of the Tigers tried to pull a momentum killer--and faked an injury.

After the game Malzahn insisted that there was no faking involved and that Swain was hurt, but the video evidence is pretty damaging.

Arkansas scored shortly after anyway to close the gap to 28-17, but were unable to score again--final score, Auburn 35 Arkansas 17.

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  1. That was the home work assignment for the Auburn players DRAMA class