Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eli Manning and the NY Giants Have the NFL Right Where They Want Them

A few weeks ago it looked like Tom Coughlin was going to be fired at any moment. His offense looked like crap. There was no running game. Eli was throwing to whoever wanted to catch it--regardless of what jersey they were wearing. The defense--well, it just plain sucked.

Fans of the Giants had to be upset by their team's start, but they shouldn't be worried because if history does indeed repeat itself the Giants will be in the Super Bowl.

In 2011 the Giants got off to a nice 6-2 start, but than dropped five of six games to fall to 7-7 and for all intents and purposes like they were going to miss the playoffs. As fans will happily recount that was not the case. 

Instead, the team won their last two to make it in as a wildcard and than took down the almighty Patriots in the Super Bowl. 

What we have hear folks is one of the streakiest teams around. Last season a 4-game streak had them in good shape at 6-2, but losing 5 of the next 7 knocked them out. The team was all about streaks in the 2010 winning five in a row (before losing two, winning three, and losing two). 

In 2009 they won their first five, but dropped the next four (and eight of their last 11).

Right now they are in the midst of another streak. Last weekend's win over the Packers made it four in a row. True, the Packers are not the same without Aaron Rodgers and the other three wins were ugly as sin, but a win is a win is a win.

The only question now is whether Dallas will be victim No. 5 or if today's game will be the start of another streak.

[GIFs from Bleacher Report]

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