Monday, November 18, 2013

Fantasy Football Free Agent Pick Up of the Week--Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running Back Bobby Rainey!

At this point in the season it is next to impossible to find a decent player on the waiver wire in most fantasy football leagues. The good players are taken, the decent back-ups are already on someone's roster, and all you have left are the role players that may get five carries a game if they are lucky.

But every once in awhile someone comes out of nowhere to give lucky fantasy owners a mid-season boost; someone like Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Bobby Rainey.

From Bleacher Report
At the beginning of the season it did not look like Rainey was in line to get much playing time this season. Doug Martin was the starter and was not going to be giving too much work to anyone else.

Then he goes down with a season ending injury and Mike James becomes the man. James looked great against Seattle and was well on his way to having another one against Miami when he broke an ankle.

Enter Bobby Rainey.

He did a decent job in relief of James in the Miami game, but in his first start he knocked it out of the park. The Atlanta Falcons did not have an answer for him as he gained 167 total yards and three touchdowns.

And if he can do it again next week against Detroit my fantasy season might be saved!

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