Saturday, November 2, 2013

Georgia's Todd Gurley Returns and Makes An Eary Impact Before Exiting the Game

Georgia got a boost for the Florida game with the return of Todd Gurley who had been out for the better part of four games because of a high ankle sprain. The young running back wasted no time in making his presence felt.

A 5-yard touchdown run put the Bulldogs up early followed up moments later with a short pass that he took 73-yards for his second touchdown of the day.

From Bleacher Report
After being inactive for the better part of a month it appears that the lack of conditioning has taken its toll. Gurley has been on the sideline getting treated for much of the first half. Word is that he has not hurt his ankle again, but that he is just gassed [UPDATE: He has since returned to action].

Having been in the game for just a short time and racked up 150 total yards I can see why he might be a little gassed!


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