Thursday, November 14, 2013

Indianapolis Colts May Have a Starting Running Back in Donald Brown After All

For years the Colts have been trying to do one thing (besides win)--develop a consistent running game. They hoped Donald Brown would be the man when they took him in the first round back in 2009, but he has been a role player at best. They thought they might finally have it in Vick Ballard, but an early season ending injury kept that question from being answered.

The trade for Trent Richardson was meant to bring the team a running game--and in a way it might have.

From Bleacher Report
Donald Brown has under-performed since the Colts drafted him. From time to time he would have a great game, but overall he has been pretty lackluster. You could try to blame it on his lack of carries, but then there is a reason he doesn't get them.

He hasn't earned them. 

If the Tennessee game is any indication maybe he now has. Losing the starter's job to Vick Ballard had to tell him the writing was on the wall. If that didn't, when the team acquired Trent Richardson from Cleveland that must have. 

With Richardson not really performing like the team hoped the door has opened for Brown to earn more time. If he can replicate the performance he had Thursday night against the Titans he just might get it.

From Bleacher Report
From Bleacher Report

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