Monday, November 11, 2013

James Van Der Beek Ready to Show the Green Bay Packers What Jonathan Moxon Can Do?

The Green Bay Packers have had a little trouble  keeping quarterbacks healthy lately with Seneca Wallace going down Sunday against the Eagles. Scott Tolzien finished the game, and while he didn't exactly suck the Packers didn't look too hot against a mediocre Philadelphia team.

Matt Flynn is expected to be resigned, but who knows what limits the team was willing to go in order to find the right guy. I mean, heck, someone actually approached Brett Favre earlier this year...

So it only seems natural that the team go after one of the coolest high school quarterbacks in cinematic history to see if  it was all camera work or if he really has game:

A fan responded with:

I am totally kidding of course, but you have to give Dawson credit for what could very well be the NFL tweet of the year.

Besides, the movie was made back in 1999 so that would make Jonathan Moxon in his early 30s by now. It's highly doubtful that he still has the same mobility and precision especially after not playing for the last decade or so.

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