Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jim Irsay Talks Signing Ed Reed and Having Him Play Wide Receiver, Defensive Back, and Special Teams--and Twitter Reacts!

Jim Irsay is a special kind of owner. The man makes himself readily available on Twitter, holds contest all the time, and doesn't hesitate to say anything and everything about his team through the popular social media outlet. You may not always understand what he says but you have to love a guy that is willing to put himself out there like that.

One of his latest tweets--well, it is most certainly out there.

Ever since the Peyton Manning Era ended Irsay has become all about doing whatever possible to bring in players that can actually help. With stopping the pass the key to success in the NFL these days it would make sense to look for talent in the secondary--especially if that talent is a perennial Pro Bowler (was might be a more appropriate word) and available at the bargain basement price of league minimum.

I'm talking about newly released veteran safety Ed Reed.

But ole Jim here is not your typical owner. He isn't just thinking about bringing the former Houston safety to Indianapolis (wouldn't that make for a cool reunion when the Texans come to town in a few weeks?), but he's--well--thinking outside of the box.

Just a little.


As you could expect, his exploratory tweet has moved some folks to reply in a rather creative manner:

Thanks for the laugh Mr. Irsay. That's a good one.

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